750ml bottle


mixed-culture ale brewed with oysters

Mashed with local pilsner malt courtesy of Riverbend Malt House of Asheville, North Carolina along with a delicate touch of smoked wheat malt. Steeped on whole Virginia and North Carolina “old salts” oysters. Fermented with our mixed house cultures in one of our beautiful Missouri oak foeders. Upon bottling, blended with North Carolina sea salt for increased complexity and quenchability. Conditioned naturally in the bottle and keg.

An unlikely beer style, we first created Brine nearly seven years ago at the Morganton pub. Packed with delicate layers of funk, this subtly salty and slightly smoky treat is back for the first time in two years. With an assertive lemony tartness, Brine is the perfect sleeper style to slug in between shooting fresh oysters.

ABV: 5.2%

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