Bière de Riverbend

4 pack cans


a belgian dark strong-inspired ale

Brewed in partnership and constant collaboration with our longtime friends at Riverbend Malt House of Asheville, North Carolina. Crafted to celebrate their 10th anniversary, we have been utilizing their malt in our beers from the beginning. As one of the pioneering craft malt houses in this country, we would quite frankly not be the brewery we are without them.

Mashed with a contemplative and complex blend of barley malt, sunset wheat and both light and dark munich malts, all courtesy of the birthday buds at Riverbend Malt House. As per tradition, a massive amount of dark candi syrup was added to the boil for increased complexity, a boosted ABV and to facilitate a perceived dryness. Fermented with our house belgian yeast strain which provides wonderfully traditional phenolics up the nose.

Inspired by and adapted from the very first beer we ever put in bottles nearly 6 years ago. Also a collaborative project with Riverbend, Echoview estate was a belgian-stye tripel and was crafted utilizing 100% local ingredients all from the same farm.

Perhaps our favorite of the traditional trappist styles, the belgian dark strong represents why many of us ever got into making beer in the first place. Crushingly dry and alarmingly alcoholic, this style is all about balanced complexity. This celebratory stunner boasts notes of figs, raisins and dates along with subtle swaths of vanilla, caramel and a kiss of clove.

ABV: 10%

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